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As the Soward Group, we offer educational franchises that will allow you to run a stable business and gradually build your own brand in the local community.

With us, you will create a place where children will be able to release their natural potential and develop their hidden talents.

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Why Soward

Our products

Over 25 years

Experience on the education market in Poland

Return on investment

After 6 to 12 months

4 courses

For age groups from 4 to 15 years old

Over 200 units in Poland

Proven know-how

Complex support

Ready to use models and modern IT tools

6 benefits for

By being our partner you build your capital with proven business models.

You get a tailored business model how to run an educational company for children step by step

You earn from 1st month.

You save time and money because we take over the most difficult tasks.

The package includes ready-to-implement models: marketing, sales and personal branding of educational services for children.

You get a proven methods thanks to which children achieve success in life.

Grupa Soward

7 steps to launch a centre


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