Soward in Poland

Soward is a franchise network that is successively conquering Poland. Our schools and there are more and more of them every day can be found both in large cities such as Warsaw, Kraków or Gdańsk, as well as in smaller towns, such as Międzychód, Lębork and Pruszków. We offer a number of programs that will effectively affect your child’s development, thus avoiding major problems with acquiring knowledge at the early stages of education.

Soward – focus on the development of your child’s skills

There is a reason why Soward is becoming more and more popular in Poland. As a parent, you certainly want to give your child a good start on the educational path and in our facilities it is possible! Many schools focus primarily on substantive education, forgetting about cultivating social and cognitive skills, quick counting, concentration, focus, and most of all coping with stress. The programs offered by Soward are run by a qualified group of specialists ready not only to take care of your child’s soft skills but also to stimulate their natural curiosity. What’s more, we are not afraid to discover their deeply hidden talents and passions or talk about their emotions, especially during a pandemic.

If you want to discover the unknown possibilities of your child’s potential, be sure to check where the nearest Soward branch is located in your area. Are you interested in running one of our centres? Contact us now!

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